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These terms and conditions apply to races arranged by Janteloppet AS.  If you register yourself or others for one of Janteloppet AS’s races, you accept our terms and conditions.  If you enter a person other than yourself to one of our races, you are responsible for this person being aware of and accepting our terms and conditions.
Binding registration

The entry to any race arranged by Janteloppet AS is binding. This means that a payment obligation arises upon registration, and you are added to the race’s participant list. There will be no refund of entry fees, license or payments for other products if you should be prevented from participating. This also applies if your prevention from participating is due to any illness or injury.
Selling your bib

All entries to our races are personal, and for security reasons it is not allowed to let others participate in your name.  You may not sell or transfer your bib at any time.
Personal information

For Janteloppet AS to deliver high-quality result lists, and to be able to offer our participants the best possible service, we must store selected personal information in our database. In addition to name, we also store gender, date of birth, address, phone number and email. We do this to be able to:
1.    Ensure that our participants are registered to the correct age groups
2.    Keep our participant lists free of duplicates
3.    Send the registration confirmation and participant permit
4.    Send SMS with information about start number and start time
5.    Send other relevant information about the event
6.    Identify people in case of injuries or accidents where medical workers are involved
7.    Prepare and publish result lists
The personal information is only stored in our database for these purposes. Information from our database is not disposed of or distributed or otherwise made available to third parties, with the exception of data processors such as the event's service provider of the registration system and payment system/accountants. Janteloppet AS has incorporated data processor agreements with all vendors who process our data.
By registering to our races, you agree to the following:
1.    The organizer stores necessary personal information about you in order to carry out the event and provide you with the best possible service
2.    Names and age group (country and city are also shown on the participant list) are published on result lists and participant/start lists, which are made available on our website.
3.    Photos and video recordings of you can be taken during the event. By entering the race, you agree that these photos and video recordings can be posted on the websites of Janteloppet AS and in our social media and channels, broadcasted on TV and used on result lists, advertising material and marketing both during and after the event.
4.    That your e-mail address receives newsletters from Janteloppet AS. You can unsubscribe from our newsletters at any time by using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter.
Altered or cancelled race

We reserve the right to cancel the race, change the racecourse, change the start time/date for the race event and/or change other conditions and circumstances necessary for the race event to be held:
1.    due to circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited to national disaster, war, pandemic or other serious spread of disease, government action or lack of action, new or amended legislation, labor dispute, blockade, fire, flood, serious accident or comparable incident,
2.    if we or the authorities consider it necessary for your and other participants' safety or health, or
3.    if we are not granted the official permissions necessary for us to be allowed/be able to carry out the race event. 
Janteloppet AS has no obligation to refund the registration fee to you or to pay damages or other compensation in the event that the conditions of the race change (the racecourse, start time / date and / or other conditions and prerequisites necessary for the implementation of the race event) if it occurs due to a circumstance according to points a, b, and/ or c above. 
If in worst case the race is cancelled due to the circumstances in accordance with points a, b, and/ or c above, Janteloppet AS will refund the registration fee for your entry. Administration fee, license and other purchased products are not refundable. Exceptions apply if the cancellation is necessary due to circumstances stated in section 7 of these terms, regarding force majeure.
Special information regarding Covid-19

Whether the race’s implementation will be wholly or partly affected by Covid-19 and the legislation, rules, restrictions, and government decisions that are or may be determined due to Covid-19 ("Corona rules") is unclear. We therefore reserve the right to change the racecourse, start time/date for completion and/or other conditions we deem necessary for the completion of the race, if we believe this is necessary to comply applicable Corona rules.  Janteloppet AS has no obligation to refund the registration fee to you or pay you other compensations in cases where the conditions for completing the race are changed based on what is stated in this section.
Reduced number of participants

We reserve the right to reduce the number of participants if we believe that this must be done in order for us to complete the race in accordance with applicable Corona Rules, and for the safety and health for you and other participants. If the number of participants must be reduced the available number of start places will be distributed in the order of which the registrations were confirmed by us, i.e., based on the time of the booking confirmation.
If such a reduction in the number of participants means that you lose your start place, Janteloppet AS will refund the registration fee for your registration. Administration fee, license and other purchased products t-shirt are not refundable.
Force majeure

Janteloppet AS can cancel the race on short notice due to force majeure. Short notice is defined here as 45 days or less before the event date. If the event is cancelled on short notice due to force majeure, the race will not be rescheduled. The next race will take place the following year. If Janteloppet AS is forced to cancel the race due for force majeure the registration fee, other fees, license, or other orders will not be refunded. The organizer is not responsible for any costs the participant has in connection with the event if the race must be cancelled due to force majeure. In our definition of force majeure, we include recommendations from the government, the police or other authorities stating that it is not safe to carry out the event.

Insurance/ License

For skiers aged 13-69 that are members of the Norwegian National Insurance - paying taxes to Norway, the ski license is mandatory.  The participants that the license not apply for will need for sign an Athletes Declaration form when picking up their Bib.


On our website we accept payments through the following payment solution providers: VIPPS, Stipe, Paypal, and Klarna. 


We do everything we can to ensure that the information we share with our participants is correct. However, errors can occur, and we reserve the right to make any errors in the information you receive. Janteloppet AS has the right to make simple changes to these terms.  Any changes will take effect no earlier than 30 days after they have been notified to registered participants. 

Conflict Resolution

Claims must be directed to Janteloppet AS within a reasonable time frame in accordance with the below sections (Contact & Complaints). The parties shall attempt to resolve any disputes out of court. If this is not successful, the Purchaser may contact the Consumer Authority for mediation. The Consumer Authority can be reached on (+47) 23 400 600 or at

Contact & Complaints

If you want to get in touch with Janteloppet AS, you are welcome to contact us by e-mail;
If you have any complaints regarding purchases you have made through our website, you can address you complaints to 

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